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Unfortunately we cannot ship tobacco outside of the UK. However Pipes and accessories are allowed

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Falcon Pipes

Falcon Pipes

Falcon pipes are as popular now as they were since its creation back in the in 1936, the revolutionary system, which has been very popular ever since. The Aluminium body helps to condense the smoke, keeping the smoke cool and smooth. While a moisture trap under the bowl known as the “Humidome”, keeps the tobacco try and removes the bitterness towards the end of the smoke. The use of interchangeable briar bowls, allows the smoker to still have all the burning and flavour qualities of briar. The added beauty of the interchangeable bowls, allows the smoker to a cheaper and less bulky solution to carrying multiple pipes for the day. Falcon Pipes are mostly metal is making them easy to clean. The removeable bowl is cleaned like any other briar pipe. Simply swab the humidome with a cloth soaked in alcohol, and the stem is cleaned like any other pipe. 

We carry one of the largest collections of Falcon pipes in the UK, with some very rare and hard to source lines. At some of the lowest prices you will find.

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