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Jean-Marie Alberto Paronelli found his love for pipes while working in London. What started as a personal passion, saw him become an avid collector of classic English and French pipes. His reputation grew as a highly knowledgeable collector and also helped other collectors date and verify rare finds.

Upon returning to his native Italy, Alberto began working for the Rossi family. By the 1940’s, he began working on his own line of pipes. Rather than being constrained by the traditional shapes, Alberto began combining his love for art. Over the years his reputation grew and his son Antonio Paolo joined the business and found the Paronelli pipes in demand with serious collectors the world over.

In the present day Ariberto the third generation is still running the factory, using skills and techniques passed from grandfather to father and now son. Working not only with vintage aged briar, but also Morta (Bog Oak), Lemon Wood, but also Ivory which has been in the factory since the early days. Every pipe is made by hand, from the bowl to the stems. 

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