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Unfortunately we cannot ship tobacco outside of the UK. However Pipes and accessories are allowed

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About Us

gq-tobacco-online.jpgAbout GQ Tobaccos

GQ Tobaccos is a family, on-line tobacconist in the UK. Started and run by Glynn Quelch a avid Pipe, Cigar, Cigarette, Snuff and Chewing tobacco consumer. Glynn worked in his local tobacconist between 2004 and 2013, over this time he gained in depth knowledge in tobacco cultivation, curing, processing and more importantly blending. The art of blending tobaccos is complex and frustratingly difficult to perfect. Over the years in the shop, with help/advise from master blenders around the world and trusty tasters at the Nottingham Pipe Club, Glynn has created a large range of highly recommended tobaccos. 

With the decline of classical smoking such as Pipes and Cigars, 1000's of tobacconists have closed world wide and many left has heavily diversified. This has seen the art of shop blending and expert advice, almost disappear. Many smokers it hard to find the tobacco for them, the perfect pipe or even a sublime snuff. They can either take a gamble blindly online or stick to what little they can buy locally. Here at GQ Tobaccos we are trying to bring back the traditional Bricks & Mortar tobacco experience, for smokers world wide and online. Through our instructional, historical and informative articles in our resource centre and our own TobaccoTV vidoes. Unlike other online retailers we encourage you to call or email us with any questions or queries and we help the best we can. Advise for new smokers is hard to come by, originally a family member or your tobacconist taught the art of smoking. We want to rekindle that English tradition and share the experience with anyone, willing to listen and learn. 

Within our website you will find 100's of pipe tobacco, tobacco pipes, snuffs and other smokers requisites. All carefully and honestly described to provide as much information and advise as we can. We source our products from some of the worlds biggest and the small independent manufactures and suppliers. We have products and gift ideas to suit all budgets, from £5 American Corn Cobs to £250+ Artisanal, handmade pipes. 



Pipe tobacco from some of Europes biggest producers and a range of our own Boutique Tobaccos. These tobaccos have been caringly blended and processed to create unique and interesting tobaccos from premium base tobaccos. These tobaccos are made on site by Glynn in small batch (500g-1kg), with quality and above all else consistency at the heart. Our tobaccos (GQ Blends) are made to be a little different and every blend can be tweaked on request. With over 100 tobaccos to choose from we are bound to have something for you and we can provide most tobaccos in 10gram sampler packs. Allowing for the price of a single tin, the experimental smoker to try 2-4 bowls of 5 tobaccos and try and find his/her perfect tobaccos. We dont carry every tobacco on the sale in the UK, although if you ever require anything we dont stock, please call us and we will try and get hold of it for you.


Like every aspect of this old, traditional art form, tobacco pipes are a complex area. Not only are there 100' of manufactures, but dozens of material, regional styles and variety. We carry a large range of pipe to suit all budgets and styles. From Classic Georgian clay pipes, stunningly carved Turkish Meerschaum and artisan briar pipes. Our pipes come from some big names such as Peterson pipes, Comoys, Savinelli, Stanwell and Falcon Pipes these world famous pipes are known for quality of raw materials, craftsmanship and finished. We also work closely with some of the worlds finest independent pipe makers, these pipe makers make pipes as individual pieces and no two are alike. All made by a single pipe maker over several days, All of these are made to made to best suit the natural qualities of the material, not just a set shape and size. We do not just carry Briar pipes either, our selection contains, clay, corn, meerschaum and occasionally mortar, strawberry wood and calabash. 


One of the first forms of tobacco introduced to Europe, the snuff of powered tobacco was discovered in Cuba along with Cigars. Snuff was taken by royalty, celebrities and the aristocracy and its production has changed very little in 400 years. English snuff has a reputation for being the finest in the world and here we carry a large range of over 50 classic and modern snuff. Tobacco is finely ground and sieved to the desired grain size, then either packaged Natural or given aromatic oils and scents. The art of Snuff taking has seen an increase since the smoking ban and as a safer (not safe) alternative to smoking. 


Like all hobbies, the art of smoking require the correct tools for the job. Many of these are essentials such as pipe cleaner, pipe knifes, filters, flints and the little extras that make life easier; pouches, polish, reamers, gift lighters and pipe racks. We have a wide selection of all of these products to suit all tastes and budgets. Made by some of the smoking world biggest names such as Zippo, Peterson pipes, Savinelli and Falcon pipes

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