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Invicta / Colin Leeson

After the Second World War, Medway Pipe Repairs started re-stemming and restoring pipes. Due to a shortage of raw materials, the production of new pipes was highly limited. From 1947 until 1974, Medway Pipe Repairs became the "go to" repair shop for retailers all over the UK. When Colin Leeson took control he not only changed the name to “Invicta Briars” but he also changed the direction of the business and began making pipes. Colin’s unique take on classic shapes soon gained the English pipe-maker a wide audience. Over the years, Invicta Briars has worked with the likes of Dunhill and Charatan, crafting the more unique and freehand of their models.

During Colin's reign at Invicta Briars he trained a number of now famous carvers including Colin Fromm and Peter Ellem who continues to this day as the sole maker at the firm. Colin Fromm went on to join Charatan and, eventually, Dunhill when they repurchased the Charatan factory.

Sadly, Colin Leeson died in early 2012 but left behind a legacy of high-quality English pipes without the constraints of traditional shapes.

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