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Yunus Ege

Yunus Ege is one of Turkeys most talented carvers and has helped in the training of the new generation. Yunus was born the son of Meerschaum miner in 1948. Yunus’s father worked closely with the late Yanik Senior (Father of Sadik Yanik) and after some persuasion got his son an apprentice with this master carver. From 1965 to 1968 Yunus was taught all the skills needed to not only carve the blocks, but the complete process. Once armed with the skills he worked along side some other fine carvers, constantly improving his skills. Then as a sign of his skill and respect with his mentor, taught the young Sadik Yanik along side his father who retired in late 1980s. You could say that Meerschaum is in the blood of the Ege family and this is shown in the work of master carver Yunus.

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