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Unfortunately we cannot ship tobacco outside of the UK. However Pipes and accessories are allowed

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Star Meerschaum

Each Star Meerschaum pipe is carved out of premium grade block meerschaum.With demand of premium quality meerschaum pipes on the rise, we decided to create the ultimate meerschaum pipe series :  STAR Meerschaum Pipes

STAR MEERSCHAUM uses only the best grade meerschaum blocks and they go through a 3 phase elimination process to ensure that only the best quality meerschaum is utilized.

1) The meerschaum blocks are sourced from the finest meerschaum mine in Turkey : Sarisu (TURKMENTOKAT ) mines in Eskisehir which are known to have highest quality and best grade of meerschaum in Turkey.
2) The miners select only the best meerschaum blocks among the hundreds mined from under 100 meters below the surface.

3) Then our master carvers even more carefully select the final blocks to be used in our STAR series so that only the very best quality meerschaum is used to carve a STAR Meerschaum Pipe.STAR meerschaum pipes have a unique engineering system the same as can be found in briar pipes.- Briar type tenons are used in all of our meerschaum pipes.

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