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Unfortunately we cannot ship tobacco outside of the UK. However Pipes and accessories are allowed

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Ago ≠

Pipe ≠ Ago, came into being due to a lucky meeting between Gianmarco Ago and skillful craftsmen. From this meeting ≠ Ago was born, a unique line, devoted and reserved, consisting of few refined items. The ≠ Ago line has not wish to participate in an already saturated market, but desires to be an emblem, a philosophy of this article is limited to the requirements of friends who embrace the art of pipe- smoking and have become enamoured of these small masterpieces reaching out with their shapes, colours and materials to ones inner depths. Pipe ≠ Ago is a hymn to the skill of the craftsmen who produce’ them. The aim of ≠ Ago is to make these works of art a moment of thought and aggregation for all, an area of research and of an opportunity to share. . the symbol “different from” is intended as a synonym of a search for values in a congenial essence in becoming, an expression of diversity in the sense, as it were of a spiritual and intellectual enrichment.

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