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Unfortunately we cannot ship tobacco outside of the UK. However Pipes and accessories are allowed

18+ Only

Over 18's Only



Parker pipes first came about in 1926, when Alfred Dunhill launched the company. The Parker line was to be the White Spot, Dunhill factory failings (seconds). At various points on the production lines bowls are not finished due to flaws and grain patterns. By the 1950’s Parker had become merged with Hardcastle and Parker became a stand along brand. Over the year’s production has moved form England to various European locations and now resides in Italy.

The Parker “London Briar” pipes are now produced again in London and are again seconds or even failings. The pipes all feature varying flaws, from filler to uneven grain and less than even sand blasting. None of these pipes are defective and the only reasons these pipes are rejected, is for cosmetic purposes.

Due to the nature of these pipes we can not get repeats, so the pipe you see is one you get.

These same pipes are branded up with the shops name on other websites

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