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Unfortunately we cannot ship tobacco outside of the UK. However Pipes and accessories are allowed

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UK Pipe Show 2023


We will be attending to UK pipe show with a wide range of pipes and accessories! If you have not been before it is well worth a visit. A cracking venue with an undercover smoking area, where you can mingle and enjoy a smoke with like minded people. Then head upstairs to the UK pipe show where there are various UK pipe makers and retailers with lots of goods to offer as well as a legendary raffle!

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Website Glitch

Hi All,Apologies we are having a slight glitch at the moment. The website is showing displaying prices excluding VAT until the product is selected. Checkout is operating as normal with no problems. We are working away to resolve the issue. Apologies for any confusion caused.

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New World Cigar Adventure in Nicaragua!

Have you ever dreamt of embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the heart of New World Cigars? Well, that dream came true for me a couple of weeks ago, as my father and I were invited to Nicaragua by Tor Imports for the #tortour2023. Tor Imports are the leading UK importers of New World cigars, boasts [...]

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5 Best Places to Enjoy a Cigar

Picture this, you are strolling down a beach, you reach into your pocket, and you pull out your Dunhill lighter, and light one of our new world cigars. You inhale, then you turn to face the oceanfront as the crisp salty air hits your face. You exhale and there is a feeling that all's right with [...]

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The Exciting World of Smoking Accessories

In 2022, a key component of any product is customisation. From being able to decorate your smartphone with a phone case sporting that musical artist you love, to being able to change the end of the gear knob on your car to a more sportier edition.Accessories are the key to high quality customisation and tailoring [...]

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Your questions about cigar smoking answered

Here at  GQ Tobaccos, we often get quizzed about cigars and the best ways to enjoy your smoking experience. For this blog, we have put together some of our frequently asked questions, giving you a one-stop shop for all the answers you need. How are cigars made? Cigars are made either by hand or by a machine. A handmade [...]

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We can no longer accept Paypal Payments

Hi All,I am sorry to bring the news that we can no longer accept Paypal as a method of Payment on our website. Paypal will no longer accept payments for Tobacco or Vape items. All Payments will now need to be made via Debit or Credit Card through Worldpay. Worldpay is the biggest Payment gateway [...]

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Shell Briar Dunhill Pipes Explained

The finish for Shell Briar Dunhill pipes was patented in the United States in 1920. The pipes were double blasted until the 1960s and then the double blast technique resumed during the 1980s, referring to it as the 'Deep Shell' finish. During the 1960s and 70s, Dunhill could not acquire the Algerian briar which means that the sandblast pipes [...]

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Ways to remove the cigar smell

We all enjoy the aroma of a good cigar but when the smell lingers longer than we would like it is time to find a way to remove the smoky smell. For this blog, GQ Tobaccos will provide advice on how to remove the cigar smell.The Smoke Smell Examined This smoky smell could be clinging to our clothes [...]

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Advice for the perfect tobacco pipe smoke

There is something quite unique about smoking a tobacco pipe, whether it is a contemplative moment by yourself or a long conversation with friends. Pipe smoking is a wonderful way to switch off and unwind, so whether you are trying it for the first or hundredth time, there is a pleasure in preparing your bowl and [...]

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