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Pollocks Clay

Clay pipes were first introduced into the UK during the 1500’s, when tobacco was first brought back from the new world. What started off as practical design soon changed over the coming centuries, from classic cutty’s to elegantly designed models. The shape and bowl size fluctuated over this time, due to availability and cost of tobacco.

At the more recent end of the British clay pipe market, Pollocks was one of the biggest names. Started in Manchester by John Pollock back in 1879 and over the coming years, Pollocks clays were made to celebrate coronations, national events and famous faces. Sadly Gordon Pollock wound up the company in 1992, selling all the moulds and tools to Wilsons of Sharrow. Who then ceased production back in 2011.

These clays are genuine Pollocks clays, made around 30+ years ago and still in the original packaging. 

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