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Unfortunately we cannot ship tobacco outside of the UK. However Pipes and accessories are allowed

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From May the 20th 2020 Menthol Cigarettes and Hand Rolling tobacco will be banned in the UK. This includes menthol click cigarettes. Its not all bad news though and here at GQ Tobaccos we have put together a list of products you may still enjoy that comply with the UK laws! Please note that menthol filters and tubes are not being banned. Menthol shag tobacco and cigars will still be legal as well. It is just menthol cigarettes and hand rolling tobacco that is to be banned. Our options below include rolling your own menthol cigarettes which will still be legal. Or using our Rizla Flavour cards which can be inserted in to a packet of cigarettes or tobacco and this will add the menthol flavour. We also have the new Sterling and Signature Dual Click Cigarillos with the same classic virginia taste of cigarettes. Also making your own cigarettes using menthol tubes is a great alternative! Do not worry there are still plenty of options at GQ Tobaccos!

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