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Mastro Grandolfo

Mastro Grandolfo is an Italian Pipemaker from Puglia


"I learned to build smoking pipes from my maternal grandfather. After the Second World War, during the great reconstruction of Italy, my grandfather started a tobacco shop. He also built pipes and lighters with the shells of bullets. 

Before I was born, he sold the tobacco shop, but has continued to build smoking pipes. 

When I was 6 age old, I went for the first time in his laboratory. I remember the light that came in through the high windowless and cut the darkness, I remember the wood dust in the air. There was a scent of olivewood and humidity. I was fascinated, I was a child in the laboratory of Merlin. 

As you can imagine, spending time with my grandfather, I learned to build smoking pipes as a game. 

My annual production ranges from 250 to 350 pipes."

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