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Falcon Bowls

Falcon Spare Bowls at GQTobaccos .cpm

The added beauty of the interchangeable bowls, allows the smoker to a cheaper and less bulky solution to carrying multiple pipes for the day. For the smoker who enjoys a range of tobaccos and wants to avoid leaving his daily pipes with a nasty ghosting, a bowl per tobacco style or individual blend is an option.

The Falcon bowl range features 8 standard bowls, these are available in Smooth, Rustic, Huntman and Meerschaum Lined. The Smooth/Rustic/Meerschaum Lined bowls are given a brown stain, but the exact colour ranges from a reddish brown to dark walnut brown. While the rarer Huntsman bowls, are given a light stain and polished, made from higher grade briar.

A range of other Larger and Small bowls exist for the Falcon system, these include the large Hyperbole and smaller Bantam series.

The falcon system has been popular since its creation back in the in 1936, the revolutionary system, which has been very popular ever since. The Aluminium body helps to condense the smoke, keeping the smoke cool and smooth. While a moisture trap under the bowl known as the “Humidome”, keeps the tobacco try and removes the bitterness towards the end of the smoke. The use of interchangeable briar bowls, allows the smoker to still have all the burning and flavour qualities of briar.

These items are for the bowls only, we also sell the stems (also in dental) and they can be purchased as a set too.

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