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La Estrella

Discover the Essence of 'The Pole Star' with La Estrella Polar Cigars

La Estrella Polar, translating to 'The Pole Star' in English, pays homage to the celestial star Polaris that graces our night skies. Just as Polaris shines brightly, so does this exceptional cigar. La Estrella Polar is a wallet-friendly, artisanal cigar line that captures the essence of Cuban-inspired craftsmanship.

Crafted with precision, this cigar boasts a unique blend, featuring long-filler tobaccos sourced from the rich soils of Colombia and Nicaragua, meticulously bound together with an Indonesian binder. To complete this exquisite smoking experience, a wrapper from Ecuador embraces the cigar's core. Experience the allure of La Estrella Polar and indulge in the world of premium cigars

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