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Vegas de Santiago


Their families have been growing quality tobacco, in the volcanic mountains of the Puriscal region of Costa Rica for more than 80 years. The volcanic soil and the special climate of this mountainous area, with its right proportion of rainfall and humidity, combined with a period of dryness, is ideal for growing tobacco and curing it naturally. Another benefit is that they do not need to use any pesticides in this altitude.

Several years ago, one of the great Cuban masters in manufacturing premium cigars, Don Luis Santana Lamas, joined the Company. He brought his lifelong experience in seeding, growing, drying and curing tobacco and manufacturing world-class cigars. All in all, it takes nearly 4 years to create a Vegas de Santiago cigar! The long filler and binder of these cigars is entirely made from their own tobacco, Costa Rica Ligero, grown in the mountains of Santiago de Puriscal. The outer leaf is from specially selected plants in Nicaragua, Mexico and Ecuador. However, they do not try to imitate Cuban cigars. They are simply setting new standards in quality, taste and aroma for cigar aficionados around the world. The tobacco is 100% Costa Rican Gold!!!! These cigars have a very smooth draw and can be smoked to the fingertips!

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