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Trinidad cigars share a lot of history with Cohiba, not only for their age but also as a diplomatic gift. The marque originally only consisted of a single vitola, which was given to diplomats and their staff/advisers. News of these rare cigars was released and the serious habanos aficionados tried to source at least one of the infamous “Funadores”. In 1998 the cigar was released to the general market, being produced in small quantities at the Laguito (Cohiba) factory. Over the years the line has extended and is now a proud part of the Cuban cigar landscape.

Unlike Cohiba, the Trinidad cigars are not subjected to the extra fermentation. This aside only tobacco deemed of a high enough quality are used for Trinidad, ensuring a sold and complex flavour profile. Characteristically Trinidad cigars are thick and creamy with hints of aromatic woods and beans. Medium in body and very easy to smoke by those new to the cigar world. Also ideal as a mid-day smoke for aficionados alike. 


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