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Tobacco Care Guide from GQ Tobaccos

Dunhill Pipes - Tobacco care guide

For the smoothest possible smoke, you will need to take care of your pipe plus your tobacco. GQ Tobaccos understands tobacco is a fragile substance that is sensitive to temperature, humidity and light, meaning it needs storing with great care.

Guidelines For Tobacco Storage

If it becomes too dry, tobacco will lose its fragrance and have a bland taste. The smell will also become sour with the flavour being almost indistinguishable. Tobacco that is too moist will be unpleasant to smoke, as it won't burn well and creates a high level of condensation which will lead to pipe juice.

You will need to find a balance between tobacco that is too dry and one that is too moist. This can be achieved by using the right accessories, which we will talk you through below.

Five Different Ways to Store Tobacco

The best way to store tobacco away from direct sunlight and in a cool place with a stable temperature is by using a container to hold it. Here are some options you could consider -

Tobacco Jar - Tobacco jars are often made of wood or ceramic and can contain a large quantity of tobacco. Do not compress your tobacco too much when filling up the jar, we would recommend giving it some room to breathe.

Often there is a humidifier in the lid, with a second humidifier able to be added if required. A large seal around the lid will also make the jar airtight.

Tobacco Pouch - A tobacco pouch is an effective storage solution due to its rubber inlay which helps maintain the natural moisture of the tobacco. GQ Tobaccos would also recommend using a humidifier. The carrot slice technique can also work quite well.

There are a number of tobacco pouches available, ranging from the case to the bag to the roll-up tobacco pouch.

Drawstring Type - Considered a retro-look they are convenient as they can be opened wide, just remember to strongly pull the strings to close it.

Roll Up Type - Timeless and refined and easily fits in a jacket or pants pocket.

Bag or Case Type - This can be used for tobacco, pipes and accessories plus it is bulkier than other storage options. Just remember to empty it before storing it, especially if it is only used occasionally.

Original Packaging - As long as it is sealed, your original packaging will keep tobacco fresh for a number of weeks or even a few months. Once opened, we would recommend putting a small humidifier inside and mix the tobacco occasionally.

Other Containers - It is also possible to use plastic or metal boxes to store your tobacco as long as it can be sealed. These boxes can be stored in the usual places, even in the fridge!

The Humidifiers - We would recommend filling humidifiers with demineralised or soft water to ensure it won't clog the stone or moss pores.

Tobacco can get too moist because of the weather or an overzealous humidifier. To dry it up spread the tobacco on a sheet or a plate and then place a lamp over it. The heat from the light bulb makes the moisture evaporate slowly without damaging the tobacco, ensuring you will keep those complex flavours when you smoke it.

Get in Touch for More Information

If you have any questions about caring for your tobacco, please do not hesitate to contact GQ Tobaccos today.

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