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Ways to remove the cigar smell


We all enjoy the aroma of a good cigar but when the smell lingers longer than we would like it is time to find a way to remove the smoky smell.

For this blog, GQ Tobaccos will provide advice on how to remove the cigar smell.

The Smoke Smell Examined

This smoky smell could be clinging to our clothes or car; that we would like to become fresh and presentable again. Before we can achieve this we should understand why cigar smoke makes our belongings smell by looking at the smoke itself.

Smoke is the result of incomplete combustion of tobacco, consisting mainly of water, oils and ash. The ash is a non-combustible mineral component of the tobacco like magnesium and potassium. These extremely fine particles cling together until knocked off into the ashtray plus they will also cling to your shirt.

Residual oils and ash particles released into the air are what smells. This could be from frying fish, cutting grass or smoking cigars, as long as the particles remain trapped in the weave of your clothes and will emit an odour.

Getting Fresh

To remove the cigar smell from your clothes you will need a garment steamer and a garment bristle brush plus follow these simple three steps -

1. Hang your shirt or other offending garment in fresh and under cover. If this is your car, simply open the windows.

2. Brush the cloth thoroughly as this will loosen the smoke particles that are trapped in the fibres.

3. Steam the front and back of the fabric and repeat the first two steps. Leave your shirt hanging in fresh air for a full day and you should notice most (if not all) of the smell is gone. Now wash and dry them garments.

Removing the ashtray smell

A proprietary, natural crystalline deodorant powder can be added to an ashtray to curb the smoke smell and replace it with a fresh aroma.

If your car has a leather interior, or your leather jacket a cigar smell for too long an algrade leather cleaner is the best solution. Remember to follow the fabric's cleaning and care instructions and test first on an inconspicuous spot of the fabric and if you are still unsure get in touch with a professional cleaner.

Get in touch with any questions

If you have any questions about cigars and how to get rid of their smell, please do not hesitate to contact GQ Tobaccos now. We are the leading retailer of Alfred Dunhill pipes and cigars for customers all over the world.

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