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The Exciting World of Smoking Accessories


In 2022, a key component of any product is customisation. From being able to decorate your smartphone with a phone case sporting that musical artist you love, to being able to change the end of the gear knob on your car to a more sportier edition.

Accessories are the key to high quality customisation and tailoring the product to meet your own specific needs. So, why should smoking be any different?

At QG Tobacco, we offer an exciting and ever expanding range of smoking accessories as well as many products to help you make the most out of your smoking experience.

You might have enriched your car with a tv show endorsed air freshener so why don’t you look for exciting accessories for your smoking experience?

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the exciting accessories you can use to customise your smoking experience.

Cigar Cutters

Arguably when it comes to smoking accessories, cigar cutters are overlooked. You might pull out your partagas cigar, cut it and continue to puff away without giving it much thought to the actual cigar cutter.

Here at GQ Tobacco, we have a vast range of different cigar cutters available. We have unique and aesthetically pleasing patterns to more traditional designs. To brand endorsed editions, we are sure we will have a cigar cutter to cater to your specific taste.

Tobacco Pouches

Whilst on the topic of stylish smoking accessories, let’s take a look at tobacco pouches. Accompanying the fact that these relatively new accessories look very nice and appealing to your fellow smokers is the fact they are incredibly practical.

Tobacco pouches help you keep your smoking pipes and your rolling tobacco organised and clean.

Many different brands offer fantastic variations of pouches and bags. One of our favourite picks is Peterson. If you already have a Peterson pipe, you might want to consider purchasing an accompanying Peterson pouch.

With one of our stylish and handy tobacco pouches you will not have to worry about organising your pipe tobacco or keeping your smoking pipe clean again.

Pipe Stands

Whilst on the topic of Peterson related products, we would like to showcase pipe stands.

After making your smoking pipe purchase and maintaining it, you will want to proudly display it in your home.

Chewing Tobacco Bags

When people think of chewing tobacco in popular culture, a lot of people automatically think of Clint Eastwood strolling into a Weston town in his cowboy boots. But one thing Clint Eastwood definitely did not have which we unsurprisingly stock is chew tobacco bags.

At GQ Tobacco we offer a vast range of tobacco chewing bags. From Nordic Spirit bags to Siberia, from bags which can carry 7 mg to mammoth 43 mg extra strong bags. We are sure if you have chewing tobacco that needs storing, we will have you covered.

Some of the many different smoking accessories.

Tampers & Reamers

If you don’t happen to know what tampers or reamers are, allow us to quickly explain.

A tamper is a blunt instrument with a flat end tamping down the tobacco and for crushing the ash together to aid potential relighting. Similarly, a reamer is a flat blunt instrument used to scrape ash and unburned tobacco to the side of your smoking pipe.

Tampers and reamers are incredibly functional tools that are essential to any smoke enthusiastic collection of accessories. Our hand crafted tools are of extremely high quality and will no doubt fit perfectly into your already established collection.


Watches might not be your first port of call when it comes to accessories for smoking. However, we offer two distinct Dupont watches.

The models; the Be Chic Hyperdome Watch with a Gold and Blue Strap and Be Caring Hyperdome Watch with a Black strap, are of extremely high quality and are actually very competitively priced compared to other luxury watches.

If you are or have a smoking enthusiast in your life, this might be the perfect gift for a special occasion.

Shaving Equipment

There are a few items a true gentleman must have in his arsenal, a deluxe cigar, a high end watch and of course adequate shaving equipment.

We offer many shaving products produced by smoking companies. We stock items which will look amazing positioned perfectly next to your bathroom sink such as the Artamis 3 piece shaving set as well as their safety razor and mixed badger brush set which comes complete with shiny grey metal stand.

We also offer more practical shaving equipment such as 85mm safety razors, sandalwood shaving soap and other shaving cream. We even offer Cuba Royal Gold aftershave for the true gents among us.

Who would have thought the world of shaving equipment endorsed by smoking companies would be so expansive and diverse?

Alfred Dunhill Accessories

If you have any developed knowledge of the smoking community. You have probably heard of Dunhill pipes, cigars and lighters.

However, you might not know Dunhill offers a plethora of options when it comes to different smoking accessories. This is why for our final highlight we would like to focus on them more broadly as a brand.

Alfred Dunhill, so named as the entrepreneur and famous tobacconist, is a luxury goods company who specialise in tobacco products as well as luxurious leather menswear.

GQ Tobacco stocks many smoking Dunhill products including pipe care kits, humidity controlled devices and deluxe leather pipe cases.

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We hope we have enhanced your enthusiasm for smoking accessories. If you have any questions be sure to contact us.

Additionally, be sure to follow us on social media for more great content and exciting ways to maximise your smoking experience. 

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