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The Essential Supplies for Tobacco Pipe Smoking


GQ Tobaccos know all of the essentials to have a great smoke from one of our tobacco pipes, including the best supplies to keep handy.

For our latest post, we are going to tell you all about the pipe-smoking must-haves.

6 Essentials for Pipe Smoking

Pipe Roll - While not completely necessary, having a pipe roll or a simple way to organise your supplies is quite useful. Another option is using an old cigar box but do not to mix your pipe tobacco and cigars as the smells and flavours intermingle, but not in a good way.

Pipe - Prices for tobacco pipes can vary, with most models made from briarwood due to its heat resistance, durability and rugged appearance. Another option is meerschaum, which is a clay-like material, with their pipes often considered works of art because of the material's softness and carve-ability.

The shape of the stem is another consideration as you will find both straight and curved. A straight stem's bowl sits higher which keeps smoke out of your face a little better. Alternatively, a curved stem is much easier on the mouth, it will just sit there nicely rather than having to work to keep the pipe situated.

GQ Tobaccos would recommend our  Alfred Dunhill pipes, which are hand-cut from a solid rod of 'Vulcanite', which is a rubber compound that is tough yet easy on the teeth and does not taint the smoke. Dunhill pipes also have an exceptionally long shelf life.

Lighter - Many smokers swear by long wooden matches as you do not risk scorching the tobacco. This can be a risk when using a lighter.

Pipe Cleaners - Pipe cleaners are extremely cheap and will keep your pipe clean between smokes.

Tamper/Nail - A lot of pipe kits come with a special tamping tool, which looks similar to a nail. This is required to tamp down the tobacco into the pipe bowl.

Tobacco - Pipe tobacco is best when purchased from a tobacco specialist such as GQ Tobaccos. There is no secret to choosing pipe tobacco; simply go with one that smells good. You have the choice of fruitier flavours, darker and lighter plus a more classic tobacco taste. A couple of ounces will last you some time if you are just an occasional smoker.

Contact Us For More Information

If you have any questions about everything you need for a great smoke, please  get in touch with GQ Tobaccos. We are the leading supplier of Alfred Dunhill pipes, tobacco and accessories for customers all over the world.

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