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5 Best Places to Enjoy a Cigar


Someone Enjoying a Cigar

Picture this, you are strolling down a beach, you reach into your pocket, and you pull out your Dunhill lighter, and light one of our new world cigars. You inhale, then you turn to face the oceanfront as the crisp salty air hits your face. You exhale and there is a feeling that all's right with the world.

Many of us thought the feeling of enjoying a cigar in some of the picturesque settings might have quickly become a thing of the past but thanks to loosening of restrictions, more and more smoke enthusiasts can enjoy a luxury cigar in some of their favourite locations.

Where, or during what occasion, is best to smoke your cigar has been the topic of much debate in the smoking community. From enjoying a puff from your Dunhill pipe at your local park to gently inhaling a deluxe Cuban cigar on Ocean Drive. When it comes to places to enjoy a smoke, we are spoilt for choice.

In the UK, we might be slightly restricted on where to smoke due to the obvious abundance of laws but still there are more than enough options and occasions to enjoy heavenly smoke on your chosen cigar.

So, let’s take a look at 5 of the best places to smoke and fully maximise your smoking experience.

At Home

Just because you can go out and smoke in exotic locales, doesn’t mean you should. Over the last couple of years many of us have become accustomed to relaxing in our living room whilst we puff on a Romeo Y Julieta cigar and there is no reason for that not to continue.

If you are struggling regarding inspiration to make the most out of your living room smoking experience, allow us to assist you in setting the scene. Have some noise in the background. If you have a record player, even better.

Dust off your chosen vinyl, pull down the needle, sit back and tap your foot to the authentic soundtrack of your choosing as you take them all important first drags.

Whoever said that you couldn’t enjoy a quality smoke at home. Hopefully we have given you a few extra pointers on how to turn your home into a luxurious smoker’s paradise.

In a Jacuzzi or Hot Tub

When someone says smoking in a hot tub or jacuzzi, you might think of Tony Montona submerged in soapy water, a television remote in one hand and a Cohiba cigar in the other. The experience oozes luxury and a feeling you are living the high life. Whilst most of us might not have a jacuzzi easily accessible, we would recommend seeking one out if you can. You might be taking a weekend break to a log cabin which just so happens to come already equipped with a hot tub, in this case, I would recommend ensuring you have packed your most luxurious smoking pipe and lighter ready to light up once you settle into the warm bubbly water.

During a Poker Game

Another occasion to smoke made popular by films and television, is smoking at the round table of a poker game. If your friends invite you round for a friendly game of Texas Hold Em they might already have their smoking arrangements lined up. If this is the case, you don’t want to be left out.

Poker games up and down the country are usually littered with pipe tobacco and Zippo’s. So when you turn up ready to take home the jackpot, lit Dunhill cigar in hand, your friends will know you mean business.

At a Local Landmark

Depending on where you are based, this technique might give you varying degrees of success.

For example, if you are located near the peak district you might be able to enjoy a pleasurable smoke at sed location. However, if you live somewhere in a more secluded area you might not find this option as appealing. Alternatively, you might enjoy the isolation as there is nothing you enjoy more than puffing on a cigar in peace. This one depends solely on you.

Regardless of where you are based, there should always be a vast array of options available to enjoy a cigar outdoors.

Whilst on a Walk

This one might be a bit of a cheat as this can take place at not just one place, but many. Throughout 2020 and 2021, many of us have become accustomed to walks being our only consistent form of entertainment.

There is nothing like popping out your Dupont lighter on your daily leisurely stroll and lighting up. Our personal pick would be.

Whether you are walking to your local park, strolling through vast open fields or wandering around aimlessly. Be sure to try smoking a cigar the next time you go out for a walk.

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Now you have some options on where to enjoy your cigar, pipe or even vape, why don’t you take a look at our range of products.

Additionally, if you have any questions regarding our products, from Montecristo cigars to our pipe tobacco, or how to maximise your smoking experience, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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