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Santa Clara

San Andres Tuxtla, located near the gulf basin in the state of Veracruz, Mexico is the center of Mexico's cigar business. The valley - colder due to its altitude - is surronded by hundreds of rivers and streams of fresh cool water. A few volcanoes have given the soil the richness of high potassium which nurtures the tobacco, the land used for tobacco plantations is located in the valley. Santa Clara is a ranch in which the best crops were grown and the name was used for the factory and company.


The family of Jorge Ortiz Alvarez, President of Puros Santa Clara has been involved in the cigar making business since before the Mexican Revolution. The Ortiz family got involved in the tobacco business during the 18th Century and in 1967 Jorge Ortiz Alvarez began the production of cigars. Originally starting with just 2 workers by 1972 the company had grown to 40 employees.

In 1975 a spacious new factory was opened and the move was turned into a parade - all the workers were carrying molds, cigar cutters, presses and tools through the streets led by Jorge. In 1983 disaster struck when the factory was destroyed by fire & the company lost the molds, presses, labels and boxes, Fortunately the tobacco was kept in a separate warehouse and production was only stopped for two days.

In the present day Santa Clara continues to expand whilst ensuring the high quality of their products. 

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