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The New Savinelli  Regimental range takes inspiration from the colours long associated with Regimental ties. The story begins in 1845 in London, when four students, after a cricket match, started an amateaur club. The colours chosen for the club were used for the blazer and the ribbon around the boater. In 1880, the first school ties were born at the Exeter College of Oxford. In 1919 the Prince of Wales and future King of England VIII also known as the Duke of Windsor visited the United States wearing most of the time the Grenadier Guards tie, where he served during the Great War. He was well known as one of the most stylish men so after his visit all the refined Americans started wearing Britain's regiment ties, but printed the opposite way. The original ones had the lines starting from left to right; the American ones were from right to left. The colours on our Regimental pipes, officially known as "Chestnut & Gold" belongs to the Cheshire regiment of Foot - one of five British infantry regiments drafted in 1689 by Henry Howard 7th Duke of Norfolk. 

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