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Lighting Procedure for Dunhill Tobacco Pipes


Lighting a tobacco pipe may seem like a very straightforward operation, but paying attention to your technique will guarantee a trouble-free smoke.

GQ Tobaccos have the widest range of Alfred Dunhill pipes available on the market, and we consider ourselves as experts when it comes to pipe smoking techniques. This is why we have put together this simple three-step guide to lighting your pipe properly.

Three Steps to Lighting Your Tobacco Pipe

1. First, comes the 'charring' light, which will expel any extra moisture from the tobacco and prepare a nice even bed for the 'true' light. To achieve this, you will need to light your match or lighter and apply it to the tobacco and move it in a circular motion around the whole surface of the tobacco. While doing this process, take a series of shallow puffs on the pipe. The tobacco could swell up in a spot or two and look like it could unravel, but that is the purpose of the charring light - to balance out the moisture and density of the tobacco.
2. Allow the light to go out and tamp the tobacco back down even with the top of the bowl. You could also find it useful to twist or spin your tamp in a circular motion while doing this. Just be careful not to ruin a good packing job by tamping too hard. Use a very light touch, wanting only to return the tobacco to the level it was before the charring light.
3. Relight your match or lighter and apply it to the tobacco, then move it in a circular motion across the entire surface of the tobacco. While doing this, take a series of shallow puffs on your pipe. This time around, tobacco should not unravel and puff as it did before. Extinguish the source of fire, sit back and relax and enjoy your pipe.

It takes time to master this lighting technique, but you will see a steady improvement in your form over time. It is not uncommon for it to take six months to make this technique second nature. Also, don't be concerned with relights, as this is just part of life and only rarely, if at all, will you have a smoke where it will not need relighting at least once. As your smoking progresses you will find that you relight less frequently.

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