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The Imco story starts back in 1908 as a button maker for the Austrian army. At the end of the First World War Julius Meister tuned the company into a lighter manufacture and are considered the world’s first “Modern Lighter producer. The early Trench lighters were made from spent munition shells and sold mainly into the military. The simple but effective design pre dated similar lighters by Ronson and Zippo, today these old models are highly collectable. Over the coming century Imco continued to make lighters in the same style and gained worldwide respect with smokers and retailers alike.

One of the most popular pipe lighters came about with the introduction of the G55 & G77 pipe lighters. These two low price filled the gap between more “gift” style lighters and basic disposable models. Refillable and reliable saw Imco rule the roost for decades until the market was flooded with cheaper, inferior imported lighters. This influx of cheap lighters saw retailers drop the trusty imco to offer lighters under £5. This trend continued until in 2012 Imco had to close its doors for the doors for the last time, sadly having never reached a century of producing lighters. In the 94 years Imco traded, the company produced over 500,000,000 lighters worldwide.

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