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How to Pack Your Tobacco Pipe


Learning how to smoke a tobacco pipe properly is not that complicated. For new pipe smokers, their main complaint is not knowing how to correctly pack their pipe. This can result in either dottle left over at the end of the smoke, or a hot smoke, tongue bite or a tobacco pipe that is hard to draw on.

As the leading supplier of Dunhill pipes for customers all over the world, GQ Tobaccos' team are well versed in packing pipes the right way.

We have compiled a step-by-step guide to show you how to get the most out of your pipe. Firstly, here are the materials you will need -

  • Pipe
  • Tobacco
  • Something to tamp the tobacco with
  • A lighter or something to ignite the tobacco
  • Pipe cleaners

The Packing Procedure for Tobacco Pipes

There are a number of ways to pack a pipe with tobacco, but we would recommend the following 11 steps.

1. First, you will need to make sure your pipe is free of obstructions and any ash leftover from previous smokes. Use a pipe cleaner through the stem, dump out any dottle then gently blow through the stem to expel any leftover ash. It is best to do this task over a bin or a large ashtray, pointing the bowl of the pipe upside down to avoid getting dottle and ash in your face.

2. Now it is time to prepare the tobacco for smoking. Start by removing a small amount of tobacco from your container and lay it out on a flat surface. Gently pick apart any clumps in the tobacco and make note of the tobacco's moisture content. If it has become too moist, you will need to let it sit out for a few minutes to dry out. When you come back to it, the tobacco should have dried just a bit which makes it easier to deal with.

3. Lightly fill your pipe with tobacco by trickling strands into the bowl of the pipe until it is filled to the top. Also, resist the urge to push the tobacco down using your thumb and do not pinch the loose tobacco as this will create more of the clumps you were just trying to get rid of.

4. Take your tamper or pipe nail and gently compress the tobacco. For bowls with straight sides, you will need to tamp gently until the tobacco half fills the bowl. Pipes with tapered bowls; you should aim to have two thirds full. The tobacco in the bowl needs to have a springy and soft consistency.

5. Put the tobacco pipe to your lips and take a test draw and if there is any resistance, dump out the tobacco and start again.

6. Now lightly fill the bowl of your pipe again. Trickle loose strands of tobacco into the bowl of your pipe until it is full.

7. Once again tamp the tobacco down gently using your tamp. For straight-sided bowls, the pipe should be up to three-quarters full and for tampered bowls, the pipe needs to five-eighths full. To achieve this level of tobacco you will need to tamp with slightly more force than the first time around. Your tobacco will now feel springy in the bowl.

8. Put the pipe to your lips for a test draw. You could have a small amount of resistance, but if you have any issue drawing on the pipe, dump out the tobacco and start the process again.

9. Trickle more tobacco into your pipe, filling it until the small mound of tobacco protrudes above the rim of the bowl. Return the leftover tobacco to your container for future use.

10. Using your tamp once again, pack the tobacco down until it is even with the top of the bowl. More pressure will be required than the first two tamping processes, but ensure you don't overdo it. Your tobacco should still feel springy, only slightly less than the previous tamp.

11. Put the tobacco pipe to your lips and take another test draw. This time there should be minimal resistance and if there is more you will need to dump out the tobacco and start again.

By following these steps you should have a tobacco pipe that is properly packed and ready to be lit and smoked.

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