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GQ Tobaccos Changing Hands

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Thank You from GQ Tobaccos

Well its been a rough 6 months for my little baby GQ, but a new dawn is upon us. I am pleased to say that GQ Tobaccos will sail again, albeit with a new crew and captain. 

For almost 15 years i have lived and breathed the tobacco industry. From that first day of being thrown in at the deep end during the start of the Christmas period at a busy local tobacconist, to taking the risk over 3 years ago to set sail solo. Its been my everything for most of my working life and now I get to take my tobacco pipe, fill her up and watch my baby sail off into the sunset.

The news owners share my love and passion for our industry/hobby/lifestyle, I have turned others down who would turn GQ into another name they trade using. Sam will be a great replacement for me and I hope you all show him the patience, respect and brother/sisterhood you showed to me. 

To all of you who went from being names on a order sheet and become some of kindest friends I had, thank you. For me this is my last day of being GQ Tobaccos/Pipes and from tomorrow I am just GQ again. I will miss you all, THANK YOU to every last one of you!

If anyone has any queries or problems with items/orders placed before the 6th April 2017, you can get in contact with me here glynn.quelch@gmail.com

So with that I bid you all farewell for now, may your tobacco pipes never run empty or sour.

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