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GQ Fully up and running again!


Its been a fantastic six months of learning since I took the reigns of GQ Tobaccos over from Glynn, even though I have been involved in the trade all my life this has still been so many new things to learn. 

The trade has experienced an unusual year this year with TPD coming in to place in May we have seen many blends disappear and unfortunately that included Glynn's world famous own blends. Also we have TPD to thank for the awful new packaging!! Even though its been a tough year for the trade the pipe community still seems to be thriving and so many exciting new tobacco pipes are coming on to the market constantly. 

I am still listing new products as often as I can there are many more to come over the next few weeks. We also managed to pick up Peterson Retailer of the year award in October in which we gained a lovely large cut glass trophy. 

It was great to catch up with many of you at the UK Pipe Show 2017, we will definitely be there next year and hope for another cracking day! 

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Happy Smokes!

UK Pipe Show 2017


UK Pipe Show 2017

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