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Erik Nording Factory Visit (Summer 2019)

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Earlier this summer I was lucky enough to experience a trip to the home and factory of  Erik Nording

It was a real privilege to be able to go out to Denmark and meet Erik Nording. I have always had a soft spot for  Nording pipes as one of my first premium pipes that really got me in to the hobby was a rustic freehand; one of Erik’s most iconic shapes. Even before I was in the industry his pipes always stood out to me. Erik’s home and factory is based about a 40 minute drive out of Copenhagen. I had heard a few stories about Erik's social stamina and was definitely not disappointed to be welcomed in to his home at 10am with a large beer! 

The pipe industry is very friendly and welcoming but Erik’s hospitality took this to the next level. After a few large beers (I’d almost forgot I was on a pipe factory tour) Erik summoned us to the rear of the house in which we went down some stairs in to a rabbit warren of a factory

GQ Tobaccos Erik Nording Factory Visit

It was hard to believe that this huge pipe factory was hidden away in his house!! Until you actually have a go at making a pipe or visit a pipe factory it is hard to truly understand just how much passion, creativity and time goes in to creating a perfect pipe.

GQ Tobaccos Erik Nording Factory Visit

The enthusiasm coming from Erik as he showed us around his factory showed the Passion that Erik has had for pipes for almost all of his life. Erik lives for creating pipes!! He was even telling me that at his holiday home he has a workshop so he can make a pipe everyday! As soon as we entered the factory he headed straight over to a piece of briar, so eager to show us his techniques and how it is all made.

GQ Tobaccos Erik Nording Factory Visit

Erik originally trained as an engineer / blacksmith before entering the pipe business at the age of 16 and since then has been driven by constantly designing new pipes different to anything else on the market. After a few hours in awe of Erik’s workshop he treated us to a very boozy lunch which definitely got us even more in the mood for purchasing pipes!! We then had the privilege of selecting some of Erik’s finest pieces (now available on the site). Erik is a true one of a kind character and an absolute legend in the pipe world. His pipes continue with his philosophy and are a staple in any serious collectors collection. We will continue his passion and bring the UK a large selection of his fantastic work. 

View our Selection of Erik Nording Pipes  Here

GQ Tobaccos Erik Nording Factory Visit

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