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In the Dominican Republic lies the factory of a man with a dream, Ismael Olivan, and the dream that man has is to bring to the market revolutionary hand crafted fine cigars, for a revolutionary reasonable price; Cigars that the everyday person can afford to smoke and enjoy the luxury lifestyle that those before them enjoyed. Through this dream Rodriguez Olivan Cigar Factory was born. R.O.C.F. cigars are made by incredible people, for incredible people, to the highest quality standards that can be held. No dyes, no artificial additives, no trash; Just quality fine tobacco cigars for a great price.

How do we do it you may ask? how can we ensure we have a quality product? Simple, we take care of the wonderful employees who strive to help us make this dream a reality! At R.O.C.F. we pride ourselves on quality of life and work environment for our employees. We have taken the steps forward as we pave a path, ensuring our workers have been well provided for in our climate controlled factory to ensure high standards of quality of life.

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