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Savinelli - Yellow Lacquered Humidor in Carbon Fibre - S61195L

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Product Description

Lacquered yellow humidor in carbon fiber with hygrometre. A Savinelli humidor with a captivating and modern design. The humidor features an incorporated hygrometre to measure the humidity level in the box, a small humidifier and Savinelli liquid.


Exterior Dimensions

Length -290mm
Depth - 200mm
Height - 100 mm
Weight - 1.7 KG

A humidor is essential for keeping cigars in optimal condition in climates which differ from that of the Caribbean and Central America. Almost all wooden Humidors are made from Spanish cedar or are lined with this magic wood. Unlike other woods, Cedar is porous, contains very little sap and resists warping when humid. These properties when combined with a humidification system allows a humidor to maintain a constant humidity with minimal effort.

Before using your Humidor ensure it is correctly seasoned before use, following these simple steps will ensure your cigars are stored correctly.

Seasoning the Humidor

Your Humidor may have travelled 1000’s of miles and the cedar could be dry. Cedar can both absorb and release moisture, if you place cigars in a dry humidor the cedar will absorb moisture from the cigar.
The easiest way to season a Humidor is take a shallow bowl (short enough to fit inside with the lid closed) and fill the bowl ¾ of the way with either Distilled Water (NEVER TAP or SPRING WATER) or special Humidor solution. Place the bowl in your humidor and close the lid for 24 hours, the moisture will slowly permeate into the cedar. After 24 hours open the humidor and if required top up the bowl to ½ full, leaving again for a further 24 hours.
The remaining water can then be used to fill up the humidification system, usually a round or rectangular device which is attached to the lid or base of the Humidor.
If you can put the humidification system into the bowl, pop it in for 15 minutes and then allow the excess water to drain from the system. Give the device a quick wipe with a tissue or clean cloth and place into the humidor (often fitted with Velcro or Magnetic fastening).


Humidor Placement and Maintenance

The positioning of your Humidor can affect its performance, you should keep your Humidor in a position where a constant temperature can be maintained and away from Sunlight, Radiators/Heaters.
Fluctuations in temperature can cause the humidity to go up and down, which over time will damage the cigars inside. The optimal temperature to keep a cigar at is between 16 & 18°C (61 & 64°F), any higher than 20°C and the cigars can start to degrade and any tobacco bugs may hatch. At these optimal temperatures, you should aim for a 65-75% humidity. You can store cigars at a lower temperature and humidity, this is usually only done by aficionados who age cigars for prolonged periods before smoking.
To maintain your cigars, it is best to rotate the cigars once a week and top up the humidification system once the humidity begins to drop. Do not allow the humidor to become dry, if this does happen you are best to re-season the humidor and start again.

If you see any mould on the cigars in your humidor, you should remove all cigars and separate those with mould from those without.
To ensure the mould spores are not left on the cedar it is advisable to give the interior cedar a light sanding with a fine grit sanding paper. You can then re-season the humidor and put the unaffected cigars back inside once it is ready.
Sadly any mouldy cigar will have to be disposed of and should never be put back into the humidor. Keep an eye on the humidor and its contents, if mould comes back you will need to repeat the process.

With careful care and maintenance this should never happen to any of your cigars and your smokes will age with beauty.


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