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A J Fernandez


Raised in Cuba and steeped in the rich tradition of the Fernandez cigar legacy, A.J produces unparalleled premium cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua. Ensuring superior quality, the day to day operations are managed under the watchful eye of A.J and his father Ismael, with assistance from the rest of his extended family.

Through a fusion of inherited Cuban techniques and learned patience, Fernandez filler tobaccos are grown from prized seeds which are propriety only to his family, making them one of the hottest properties in the cigar industry today with high quality and flavourful cigars.

DH Boutique Cigars are the brainchild of Didier Houvenaghel. Produced in the AJ Fernandez factory in Esteli, blended by Didier. Didier is a young Belgium agricultural engineer who very early on specialised in Cuba in tropical crops and particularly in black tobacco, grown for hand made cigars. The deep interest that he developed in the activity and his friendship with AJ Fernandez led him to develop his own range of cigars in Nicaragua.

'For me, outstanding cigars need to have character and balance. The character is the richness that you find during tasting and the balance is the subtle refinement of the total experience. Balanced and with character is how I imagine and create cigars, as this is how I enjoy them. Cigars with personality and finesse are my passion. And these are the ones I like to share' Didier Houvenaghel

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