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Kapp Brothers Tobacconist on Grafton Street Dublin, first opened its door in 1865. Two brothers Friedrich and Heinrich Kapp, migrants from Nurnberg had a dream to make and sell quality pipes and tobaccos. They quickly made a name for themselves for making quality Briar and Meerschaum pipes. Very early on a Latvian migrant, Charles Peterson strode into the store armed with revolutionary pipe ideas. The Kopp brothers fell in love with the concept and Charles quickly became the third partner in company.

Renamed Kapp and Peterson, the trio soon set to work with Charles Peterson’s vision. By 1891 Peterson was issued the patent for what would become the System Pipe. Then 1898 the patent was approved for the P-Lip mouthpiece. These 2 innovations saw Peterson win awards world wide and gain such popularity with politicians, business leaders, musicians, writers and other influential people.

The Peterson System is still the most popular line Peterson produce, along with the P-Lip mouthpiece. Each briar pipe is made in the Dublin factory by skilled craftsmen and enjoyed the world over. Over 100,000 pipes are made every year at the Peterson factory; traditionally most are smoked in the UK & Europe, but increasingly more are being enjoyed by smoker’s world wide.

The Peterson selection has something for everyone, from the Iconic System Range, the big Sherlock Holmes collection too 9mm filter pipes.

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