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Unfortunately we cannot ship tobacco outside of the UK. However Pipes and accessories are allowed

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Sarome have been Japans leading lighter manufacture since the 1950’s, originally founded in 1940 as a sheet metal company. Sarome lighters are regarded as one of the last manufactures who still make good old fashioned quality lighters, for a reasonable price. Unlike many of their rivals who tried to keep costs down by moving manufacturing to countries with lower production costs.

Many of the Sarome models we carry, still have that traditional feel, with flint operation and repairable designs. While Sarome do offer more modern designs for their Cigar and Cigarette lights, the Pipe models are still good old flint ignition. We have been personal users of Sarome lighters for near on 10 years and we find them one of the most reliable lighters around.

Solid and well-made lighters, all come in gift boxes and with a 2 year manufactures warranty. If your Sarome lighter ever needs a service or repair outside of warranty, please contact us and we can arrange a repair for you.

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